Following testing BCSC neuropsychologists continue to coordinate care to ensure families access the services necessary to maximize an individual’s strengths. Our neuropsychologists work hand-in-hand with our psychological and learning-based treatment specialists to ensure that assessment results are integrated into clinical formulations and treatment plans. This can be done on an as needed basis or through a standardized consultation and training plan with schools.

Individual services include:

  • Coordination with treatment providers
  • Consultation to schools to maximize delivery of services (e.g. ensuring that services are appropriate for a given learning profile; consultation for learning-based, mental health, and/or behavioral services)
  • Executive function coaching to help learners fill in gaps in their executive function skills
  • Academic tutoring to address gaps in academic profiles
  • Follow-up testing to follow an individual’s development over the course of time, to identify whether interventions have been successful at filling gaps, and to continue to direct appropriate intervention