Our Team

Dr. Ryan J. Madigan
Dr. Ryan J. MadiganFounder & Co-Director
Janna Hobbs, LCSW
Janna Hobbs, LCSWCo-Director
Dr. Michael Hollander
Dr. Michael HollanderCo-Director
Ashley Flynn, LMHC
Ashley Flynn, LMHCDirector of Operations
Eliza Dadiego
Eliza DadiegoPractice Manager
Meredith Davis
Meredith DavisWeb Design & Development
Sarah Haag, LMHC
Sarah Haag, LMHCLicensed Mental Health Counselor
Samuel Hollander
Samuel HollanderClinical Social Work Fellow
Olivia MacDonald
Olivia MacDonaldDirector of Business Development
Dr. Joshua Masse
Dr. Joshua MassePCIT Global Trainer & Consultant
Dr. Evan Michel
Dr. Evan MichelAdmissions Coordinator & Post-Doctoral Fellow
Dr. Kaitlin Wilbur-Smith
Dr. Kaitlin Wilbur-SmithDirector of Selective Mutism Treatment & Training
Audrey Wood
Audrey WoodClinical Social Work Fellow