The neuropsychological testing team is composed of neuropsychologists and emotion regulation specialists combining their expertise to understand and explain how an individual’s neurocognitive profile contributes to symptoms of emotion dysregulation and mental health conditions. Individuals with emotional and mental health concerns can appear to have an array of deficits in their cognitive and learning profile that may be confused with a primary brain-based disorder. Emotion regulation neuropsychological testing incorporates cutting edge neuropsychological measures to identify how an individual thinks, learns, and processes information.

Effective emotion regulation requires an individual to identify, understand and manage thoughts, emotions, and behaviors as they occur in the present moment. Mental health issues can arise from a breakdown in any one of these three domains and to successfully identify where in this process an individual is experiencing difficulties, our team first conducts a Functional Cognitive Behavior Assessment (FCBA). Results of the FCBA inform comprehensive neuropsychological testing. With the results of the testing, we are able to identify the neurocognitive factors causing skills deficits, performance deficits, and breakdowns of the emotion regulation process.

The results become the foundation for an individual’s treatment plan consisting of specific, individualized recommendations including emotion identification skills training, affect recognition and validation training, executive function coaching, social skills training, exposure therapy, etc.